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Bringing People Together

Welcome to Blissful Beginnings

In 2021, I proudly earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Maryland. From the very beginning of my academic journey, I've had a deep-seated passion for finding ways to bring loved ones closer together. 


My journey into the world of wedding planning was ignited during my own wedding preparations. Experiencing firsthand the mix of excitement and stress that accompanies this special time, I recognized the immense value of offering unwavering support to brides and grooms. This realization inspired me to explore ways in which I could help others turn their dream weddings into reality. To hone my craft, I sought opportunities to work alongside seasoned event planners. In doing so, I not only gained invaluable experience but also nurtured meaningful relationships with local vendors known for their top-tier service. This vast network of caterers, floral designers, and more, allows me to provide my clients with nothing but the best.


My journey also led me to a role as a decor sales coordinator at a wedding venue. Here, I had the privilege of collaborating with other talented wedding planners to breathe life into each bride's unique vision. I also had the opportunity to work behind the scenes of countless weddings, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire wedding process. My experience extends to a wide range of cultural weddings, enriching my perspective and expertise. I firmly believe that a successful wedding planner is characterized by excellent communication skills, innovative problem-solving, and a proactive approach. But it goes beyond that—I cherish the opportunity to connect with my clients on a personal level, delving into their preferences and desires to tailor my services perfectly to their vision. My passion lies in not just creating but also flawlessly executing weddings and events that leave everlasting memories. Whether it's full-scale wedding planning or seamless day-of coordination, I'm eager to handle every aspect of your special day.


My ultimate goal? To surpass your expectations by ensuring that your wedding experience is effortless and stress-free, allowing you to savor every moment of this joyous journey. It's my pleasure to be your trusted wedding planner, dedicated to making your dreams come true.

Boho Wedding Couple
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