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Kissing the Bride

Creating Unforgettable Memories 


Our Mission:
Bringing People Together


          fter undertaking the meticulous planning of my own wedding, I found myself standing at the intersection of                   passion and opportunity. The journey was nothing short of exhilarating and it taught me many valuable lessons along the way. With this inspiration and passion, I was eager to see where my event coordination skills, and careful planning efforts, could benefit others. I had happily stumbled upon my newfound life purpose.


While many parts of my wedding were absolutely flawless, there were a few minor details that brought out the perfectionist inside of me. It was these subtleties, the behind-the-scenes details that often go unnoticed, that inspired me to envision a business that tailored to the needs of soon-to-be brides. The thought of guiding them through the multitude of decisions, unraveling the complexities of contracts and logistics, and ensuring that their big day flowed seamlessly. This ignited a spark within me and Blissful Beginnings was born!


At Blissful Beginnings we're more than your wedding planner; we're a full-service event coordination service with access to a number of reliable vendors, including decorators, florists, photographers/videographers, entertainment providers, caterers, and more. We understand that there should be no compromise for perfection on your special day. We will take you by the hand, planning your wedding (or event) from A to Z. Allow us to oversee all the fine details of your event so all you have to worry about is saying "I do."


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If you have questions about your upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our event coordinator by filling out the contact form.

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